My side projects and things I do in my spare time, mostly work in progress:


Your Canteen:

Visual identity, IXD & UI work for Your Canteen – a service I've co-founded that is looking to innovate eating in & take away industry. The concept has been gradually evolving and there were few pivots along the way.

Download beta here:




















A service I've co-founded that allows users to preview what's on the menu in any restaurant in UK. No more guessing what you're ordering, what it looks like and how big the dish is.


































Tiago's Excuses: 

A fun little illustration project, insider joke of sorts. Shake your phone to see the latest silly excuse from my buddy Tiago. He's full of them, and they are funny.













Fitness interface competition brief

A fun little project to imagine a better and more engaging gym experience.










Jungle FM visual refresh for DJ Baramus




Moika / Volume: 

Visual identity for Volume / Moika sound & light installation in soon-to-be-demolished building at the City Museum of Moscow. Installation by Jamie Allen & Bernhard Garnicnig. Photographs by Jamie Allen & Victor Polyakov








Photographs from Chernobyl exclusion zone – a time capsule of the late Soviet period. Pripyat – a town closest to the nuclear station, now completely abandoned, was the place to be in Soviet union. A well-planned modern city surrounded by lakes, rivers and forests was full of modern conveniences and stocked shops. It was the best of Socialism. Even people from capital cities were not accustomed to such abundance.